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The Only Republican Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo Calls for the REPEAL of RADICAL LEFT COVID REGULATIONS to PROTECT BUSINESSES from the RISK OF ENDLESS LITIGATION!

NEW YORK – May 6, 2021: In reply to the passage of the NY HERO Act which exposes businesses to legal liabilities related to COVID-19 along with onerous requirements that increase expenses to operate, the ONLY Republican candidate for New York City Mayor Fernando Mateo said:

“The Radical Left is fulfilling their nightmare vision for a jobless and joyless New York,” said Mateo. “As Mayor, I will not enforce Communist regulations that will put American businesses out of business,” Mateo made clear.

“Exposing risk takers to the same risks that Liberal Democrats claimed immunity from during the pandemic is hypocritical government abuse,” said Mateo referring to New York State’s position that decisions made during the COVID crisis provided top Democrats immunity from the deadly consequences of their actions, including lawsuits and total accountability.

“My love for New York City and America is no secret. I am passionate about protecting what makes our country great and the false claim of this ‘Villain’ Act betrays our Constitutional values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” said Mateo.

Mateo added that, “Businesses were autocratically shut down. Subjected to a curfew. Penalized. Arrested. Hit with fines. Forced to eat huge financial losses. Meanwhile Elite Politicians collected their paychecks and doled out contracts worth millions to their friends. Now, they add insult to injury by officially shifting the blame and burden of COVID to business owners without recourse or legal protections,” noted Mateo.

“The situation is so bad that 50 Cent took his change to Houston! Worse, New York lost a Congressional seat because millions of people voted with their feet to move to Florida or Texas to escape the Tax Dragons in New York,” said Mateo.

“The radical COVID regulation must be repealed without delay! We all know that COVID originated in China. Billions were spent by New York governments without the benefit of preventing the spread. Bottom line… COVID bills should be sent to China – not American businesses,” concluded Mateo.

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About Fernando Mateo:

Fernando Mateo, renowned entrepreneur, head spokesman for Hispanics Across America, NYS Federation of Taxi Drivers and United Bodegas of America, is the City’s first Hispanic Immigrant candidate for New York City Mayor. Mateo unveiled plans to breathe new life into the City’s failing business districts, is prepared to fix the broken taxi system, will restore parking for neighborhoods, and take bold action in “Backing the Blue” to make New York City safe again. For JOBS, SAFETY, and LIBERTY – Vote Mateo the Mayor!


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