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Recap of Business Roundtable in Bay Ridge

Updated: May 18

NEW YORK – May 13, 2021: Earlier today Republican candidate for New York City Mayor Fernando Mateo kicked off his 5 Borough Business Tour in Bay Ridge at the Omonia Café. Over 25 business leaders attended the Brooklyn meeting.

Mateo focused the discussion on repealing the NY HERO Act (better known as the “NY VILLAIN Act” as it exposes businesses to legal liabilities related to COVID-19) and outlined hisJOBS & SAFETY AGENDAto Save New York City.

A special discussion on the potential of "COVID workplace testing" took place featuring a Hook Diagnostics who is affiliated with Prime Discoveries based out of New York.

“You see so many store fronts closed, not because of COVID, but because of all the rules from State and City regulators shutting down your business,” said Mateo. “Every City and State agency was out to shut down businesses. That is not the way government should operate,” he noted.

“Now it is getting worse. The HERO Act which I call the Villain Act is here. Now any customer or employee can sue the business owner for not having COVID protections. How can you re-open a business with a gun like that aimed at your head? As Mayor, I will fight against this Villain Act to repeal it and make City Hall business friendly by holding agencies accountable,” Mateo said.

Mateo officially released his “JOBS & SAFETY AGENDA” to Save New York City at the event.

He took questions from business leaders and talked about his vision to unleash New York’s Arts & Culture Industry to better program community centers as well as his idea to build new housing (with mental health and job training services) in abandoned industrial parks to address New York’s growing homelessness problem.

Mateo also discussed damage done by Socialism and how it is designed to keep people poor by preventing success. Mateo affirmed that he will not allow that poison to destroy the minds of our youth and will defeat destructive Democrats in November to become the City’s first immigrant Republican Mayor to win the future for the People of NYC.

You can view "Mateo's Business Roundtable Tour" meeting in Bay Ridge here on Facebook at https://fb.watch/5uvouK5QC9/

GOING FORWARD: Each “Mateo Business Roundtable” will be held on Thursdays at 10:00 am with more stops being planned. Advisories will be issued to notify of the next location in advance. Portions of the event may be livestreamed using @MateotheMayor on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.