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Plans to place 2 cops on every Subway platform

Says “Never Trumper” Stunt Not Serious on Solving Subway Safety

Photo Credit: Politico

NEW YORK – May 19, 2021: Every day we learn about another New Yorker shot, stabbed, or slashed on the New York City subway system. Yesterday, out-of-touch Mayor Bill de Blasio said that his response to straphangers who are concerned about Subway safety is to just deal with it.

Also, "Never Trumper Curtis Sliwa" called on candidates for Mayor to ride the subway for 24 hours as part of a publicity stunt.

According to Mateo, restoring safe, 24-hour subway service is not a laughing matter. It is a life-or-death issue for straphangers and vital to New York’s economy. He uses the Subways and as an advocate for Taxis and Bodegas that service thousands of New Yorkers daily, he relentlessly works with the Police to make “Safe Haven Zones” for his employees, customers, and strengthen tourist safety in neighborhoods.

While we view Never Trumper Sliwa’s gimmick as minimizing the seriousness of the subway issue, Mateo issued the following statement and comprehensive plan to make “Safe Haven Subways”:

“Divisive Democrat Bill de Blasio made New York City Subways dangerous by defunding the Police and handcuffing them with the broken Bail Reform system,” said Mateo.

“My plan for Safe Haven Subways is to have 2 cops on every platform who are backed up by teams of dedicated cops with trained specialists to sweep stations and trains to remove the homeless and get the mentally ill out of the subway,” said Mateo.

“The ‘Safe Haven Subways Plan’ is an extension of the ‘Safe Haven Zone’ which I created following the brutal murder of Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz,” said Mateo. He added that, “The Safe Haven Subways Plan will build on Safe Haven Zones by making stronger partnerships between local businesses and area Police Precincts to be vigilant and save lives.”

Mateo’s plan to make “Safe Haven Subways” is anchored in restoring funding to the New York Police Department and comprises of 8 distinct actions as follows:


  1. Place 2 Cops on every platform

  2. Deploy “Specialized Safety Teams” to ride trains to engage homeless & mentally ill

  3. Remove emotionally disturbed persons from Subways to get appropriate help

  4. Crack down on loitering, litter, graffiti, and stop fare evaders in the Subways

  5. Expand cleaning efforts to make Subways cleaner and smell fresh

  6. Add more lights to cast out dark areas in and around Subways

  7. Install more safety buttons with high-definition video cameras throughout the system and partner with local businesses to provide “Safe Havens” for those under attack

  8. Mayor to invoke maximum Charter Power to arrest and detain dangerous individuals, bypassing the broken Bail Reform System and not waiting for Albany to act on Kendra’s Law.


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