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NEWSMAX Interviews Fernando Mateo on Bringing Back Ray Kelly to Lead NYPD

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, Newsmax interviewed Fernando Mateo on his plans to bring back former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to help him make New York City safe again.

Host Greg Kelly asked about Mateo's plans to address the homelessness crisis, transportation, and invited him to come back on Newsmax after he wins the primary.

Mateo shared his business-principled solutions to Fix NYC.

Mateo said that he will challenge the private sector to end the homelessness crisis and hold City Agencies accountable. He shared his vision to make "Subway Safe Havens" by placing 2 cops on each platform and specialized Teams in trains to reduce overall crime throughout New York.

He also touched upon his work with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor George Pataki to make Taxi's safe with cameras and partitions as well as making Bodegas Safe Zones for children and the elderly.

Also featured in the Newsmax segment was "Never Trumper" Curtis Sliwa who spent more time talking about his 15 rescue cats, his 320 square foot studio apartment, and ongoing feuds. Adding to the long list of reasons why New Yorkers need a serious and successful business leader to Fix NYC!


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