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GOP Mayoral Favorite Fernando Mateo Blasts “Democrat-Over Tax” Policies Causing JetBlue to Start Packing

Mateo the Mayor Campaign | MAR 30, 2021

NEW YORK – JetBlue announced that it is exploring options to move its headquarters and 1,300 high paying jobs from Queens, NY, to Fort Lauderdale, FL. This follows the announcement of several other big firms including Blackstone and Goldman Sachs seeking to take flight from NYC to the Sunshine State in the last year.

In a letter to the NYS Legislature, NYC Mayoral candidate Fernando Mateo warned that businesses are being chased out of New York by high taxes and “shutdown” pandemic policies. He called on legislative leaders to relax on taxes and STOP THE RICH-HUNT! He indicated that if the “OVER TAX-Democrats” continue this path, there will be no one left to pay the taxes in New York City as thousands of workers flee the Big Apple for lower cost-of- living places like Florida as companies keep staff working from home in a post COVID-19 future. With the news that JetBlue is making reservations for its departure from New York City in 2023, GOP Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo issued the following statement to urge JetBlue to stay in New York City: “The Empire State cannot be the Vampire State – killing jobs and sucking the life-blood out of businesses with deadly taxes.” “The solution to keep JetBlue in the Big Apple requires Democrats relax on taxes and, instead, aggressively reduce the cost of doing business in New York. This can be achieved by rolling back the attack on high-income earners as well as incentivizing the airline industry to expand in New York with lower gate fee lease costs.” “We must protect the 23,000 jobs that JetBlue created from New York over its 20-year run. If I was Mayor today, I would call an emergency meeting with JetBlue, the Port Authority of New York New Jersey, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, hospitality leaders, and all relevant stakeholders to create a package of resolutions to permanently keep them in New York. This includes exploring how to reduce much of JetBlue’s $2.4 billion debt for Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy Airport.” “Everything must be on the table to keep businesses open and to remain in New York City. From Wall Street firms to mom-and-pop shops to restaurants and airlines, we need a diverse mix of economic activity to bring back New York’s economic vitality.”

“Enough is enough. Abusive taxes must end. The cost and loss of jobs is worth more than a partisan war on success. Defeatist policies will lead to defeat for all people. Let’s stop losing and start winning for the people by standing our ground for our shared economic victory!” “As Mayor, I will create a pro-business, pro-safety, and low-tax environment. We will make New York shine so bright that it can’t sleep again.” Mateo directly addressed JetBlue by saying: “JetBlue – I know the current forecast looks gloomy. Do not jet on New York just yet. Accept my invitation to discuss options and alternatives to remain put and cancel your reservation for another destination. Your hometown appreciates what you have done and recognizes the sacrifices you have made over the years to create a successful and socially responsible business that serves millions of customers. The present turbulence is only a signal that we are rising to higher heights and with me as Mayor, NYC will put its proverbial Jetstream behind you to steadily propel us and the people we serve toward greater success.”

Pre-pandemic, the tourism industry brought 65 million visitors to NYC. Those tourists generated $44 billion in business for restaurants, hotels, sports, and entertainment industries. These people and the revenues they contribute to New York City would never get here without companies like JetBlue. While COVID set NY back, Mateo is urging that we use lessons learned to set NY up for the biggest comeback ever! He is urging action on retaining and growing the business community in New York City by making reasonable accommodations to incentivize them stay home in the Big Apple.

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