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Everyday we learn about another person shot, stabbed, or something stolen in New York City. The crime and grime is reaching all time record highs due to lack of strong leadership in City Hall. It is crystal clear that divisive Democrats made New York City dirty and dangerous again.

The strongest candidate for New York City Mayor Fernando Mateo believes that "Big Government Policies" are the BIGGEST problem preventing progress. As the next Mayor of NYC, Mateo will roll back defeatist policies that ruined New York City. Further, Mateo believes in taking "Positions" on issues and implementing proven plans to accomplish key objectives and results. The primary objective for New York City is JOBS and SAFETY. A Mayor Mateo will make New York City SAFE again! A Mayor Mateo will make New York City CLEAN again!

A Mayor Mateo will make New York City WORK again! Below is Mateo's "JOBS & SAFETY AGENDA" to Save New York City!

The "Jobs & Safety Agenda" was originally released at the 5 Borough Business Roundtable Tour starting in Bay Ridge Brooklyn on May 13, 2021. You can view the meeting here.

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