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Mateo Launches “Welcome Back” Business Roundtable Series

NYC Candidate for Mayor Mateo to Host Latest in Series of Forums beginning in Miami to Bring Businesses Back to NYC

Mateo the Mayor Campaign | MAR 23, 2021

(MIAMI, FL: MONDAY, March 22, 2021) NYC Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo launched the “Welcome Back” Business Roundtable Series to convince businesses who have fled New York’s high taxes and anti- business environment to come back under a Mateo Administration.

“We cannot let the bad situation get worse. This is part of the reason why I am running for Mayor and taking steps now to bring back businesses and start the recovery effort. I will fight to fix New York City and make it shine again,” exclaimed Mateo. According to Mateo, he will bring a business mindset to City Hall to install a tax friendly, pro-business administration that will foster innovation and accomplish economic revitalization for New York City. Most importantly, Mateo made two critical pledges. First, Mateo pledged to use the full power of New York City’s economic development agencies to offset overzealous tax burdens from Albany and Washington. Second, he pledged to reign in a renegade bureaucracy that penalizes and punishes small businesses with a slew of unnecessary fines and ridiculous regulations. Mateo is committed to making New York City work for the people again. QUOTES FROM PARTICIPANTS

“I sold my business and moved to Miami,” said serial entrepreneur Dennis Agalli. “But make no mistake. I did not leave New York City, New York City left me. It’s hard enough being a business owner, alone with responsibility for hundreds of employees and their families, who rely on you. The City left me to fend for myself with no support, no public safety, dirty streets, high taxes, unwarranted harassment from city agencies, excessive fines for no reason from police, sanitation and others. For me, enough was enough. Fernando Mateo is the only candidate who can bring businesses, big and small, back to New York City. I want to thank him for bringing us all to the table, his vision will bring New York City back to life.” - Dennis Agalli.
“New York was once the Financial and Business Capital of the world,” said Finance Magnate Chad Loweth. “It’s very sad for me to see fortune 500 companies like JetBlue considering evacuating New York. When Fernando invited me to be a part of this roundtable series, I felt hope for the City for the first time in a long time. It’s long overdue that the City had a true leader, strong enough to do the work and smart enough to ask the right questions. Mateo is that leader for New York. He has a vision for NYC, and he has the leadership needed to back small, medium, and big business to New York. I’m grateful to him for launching this series.” - Chad Loweth
“The writing was on the wall for New York City when its Democrat leaders negotiated Amazon right out of the City,” Real Estate Investment Firm Founder Daniel Lebensohn stated. “The exodus from New York began long before COVID. So many businesses have fled the fiscal and mental drain of New York City. We love NYC, we still invest in NYC, but we can’t operate our business in NYC. Oppressive taxes, restrictive regulations, and heavy-handed anti-free-enterprise policies have driven so many away. Despite this reality, I’m filled with hope that Fernando Mateo has the right approach and the tools needed to turn the City back into the Business Mecca it once was.” - Daniel Lebensohn