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INTERVIEW: Len Berman & Michael Riedel in the Morning 710 WOR AM Radio Interview Fernando Mateo

NEW YORK - May 28, 2021: Republican Candidate for New York Mayor Fernando Mateo appeared on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning Show" on 710 WOR AM Radio to discuss the recent GOP Primary Debate hosted by NY1 and discuss why he is the best candidate to bring back New York. Mateo discussed that the key to a Republican victory in New York City is appealing to a broad base of voters. "Most of the work I've done over the last 30 years has been for Democratic communities because the Dems don't do for their own. I'm the only Republican in this race that can bring 500,000 Democratic votes over in order for us to win," said Mateo. Mateo shared his public safety and youth employment priorities as well as outlined his extensive entrepreneurial success in running large, complex businesses that provide work to thousands of New Yorkers . He also made clear that his opponent in the June 22nd Republican Primary is NOT a Republican. Mateo noted that "Always Shouting Curtis Sliwa" is a "Never Trumper" that infiltrated the GOP for publicity and to benefit partisan Democrats. To hear the full conversation with Fernando Mateo check out the podcast above or click here.


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