• Mateo the Mayor Staff

FOX5 Interviews Fernando Mateo on NY1 Republican Debate

New York - May 27, 2021: Fox5's Good Day New York host Rosanna Scotto interviewed the only Republican candidate for New York City Mayor Fernando Mateo about the Republican Mayoral Debate held on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 on NY1. Since "Always Shouting" and "Never Trump Sliwa" was not able to scream through the next Zoom, Mateo was able to share his vision and plans to make New York City safe again. He outlined his decades of work taking on New York's biggest challenges with gun violence and murders of cab drivers. Mateo's "Toys for Guns" program took thousands of illegal weapons off the streets of NYC and around the world. Further, his leadership with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor George Pataki resulted in the installation of partitions in cabs to make safer rides for both patrons and drivers. Mateo emphasized that he is best suited to become the next Mayor of NYC because of his proven track record of success. As Mayor, he pledged to get real results in securing the Subways by making them into "Safe Haven Subways" with 2 cops on every platform and specialized teams addressing problems throughout the system, He added that he will aide small businesses with payroll tax relief and hold City Agencies accountable. With respect to supporting our youth, Mateo said he would create thousands of jobs opportunities for young people between 14-18 years old through tax incentives. He also declared that he would eliminate bridge and toll fees for Police officers. Mateo concluded the interview by inviting New Yorkers to take on the "Blue Ribbon Challenge," which entails tying a blue ribbons to a tree to show support for the NYPD. Watch the entire "Good Day New York" interview here.