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Updated: May 29


The Only Republican Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo Calls for the REMOVAL of CITIBIKE STREET DOCKS to BRING BACK PARKING and MAKE ROOM for OUTDOOR DINING

Example of Policy Stupidity where bike docks steal at least 10 parking spaces (Photo Credit: MateotheMayor.com)

NEW YORK – May 11, 2021: In reply to the announcement by outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio that more bike lanes and bike boulevards are destined to steal prime parking from neighborhoods throughout New York City, the only Republican candidate for Mayor Fernando Mateo issued the following statement:

“First, City Hall takes away your parking space. Then they give you a ticket for not being able to find parking,” Mateo declared. “New York City needs to be street smart about its streets,” he said.

“We need more parking, not less. Prioritizing bike rentals over neighborhood needs is wrong for true New Yorkers,” said Mateo.

He added, “As Mayor, I would stop ticket harassment. Remove CitiBikes! Restore Parking! And work with communities to make room for seasonal outdoor dining.”

Mateo insists on sanity and data to drive bike distribution. He said, “Evict CitiBikes. Place them in parks or near bus stops. Simply put, get them off the streets!”

“Parking lost to CitiBikes creates havoc for motorists and betrays brick and mortar stores that need the space to revive neighborhood businesses,” stated Mateo.

“The best thing to do is to protect parking to bring back jobs and nightlife,” concluded Mateo.

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At the top of this page is a picture of approximately 100 feet of bike space, taking away at least 10 parking spots. This is one example of policy stupidity by City Hall. (Photo Credit: MateotheMayor.com)

Also above is a picture of Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing the Bike Boulevards that Mateo opposes. (Photo credit: NBC 4 NY)

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BACKGROUND: Pre-pandemic New York City collected over $565 million in parking ticket fines. With the advent of more bike lanes and less parking, Mateo predicts there will be a “Parking Pandemic” if City Hall continues this path by attacking motorists with more parking tickets. CitiBike, the bike share program owned by Lyft, is making a bad situation worse. New York City has allowed over 1,000 CitiBike locations to take away prime neighborhood parking on the false hope of protecting New York against “Climate Change.” The fact is the number of cars registered to New Yorkers continues to increase while parking spaces decrease – making neighborhood parking the new endangered species. POSITION: Neighborhood frustration is growing, and Mateo opposes the installation of more bikeways without increasing affordable parking options for neighborhoods and small businesses.

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