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Updated: May 12

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The Only Republican Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo Calls for the RESTORATION of the COLUMBUS DAY HOLIDAY and for the NYC Education Dept. to RESCIND its Cancel Culture Attack on FREEDOM!

NEW YORK – May 5, 2021: In reply to the New York City Department of Education’s decision to nix the Columbus Holiday, the ONLY Republican candidate New York Mayor Fernando Mateo said:

“Never surrender. If we lose Columbus Day, they will come for his head at Columbus Circle next. A line must be drawn to defend Freedom and protect Liberty,” said Mateo. “As Mayor, I will take action by restoring the Columbus Day holiday and leading the celebration of America’s original pioneer,” Mateo declared.

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Mateo urged that “The Board of Education should rescind its ‘cancel culture’ attack on freedom and restore the Columbus Day Holiday.”

“Forget holiday name changes. Teach kids jobs skills. Educators should focus on closing the education gap that power-hungry Democrats made worse with panic policies,” said Mateo.

Mateo stated that, “Betraying our heritage for the sake of political correctness is offensive and totally unnecessary.”

“If we keep letting divisive Democrats determine the limits of our freedom, we will be living in a new concentration camp. This is how people get brainwashed and lose their independence. I will fight back against Big Government Bureaucrats to stop them from stealing our past and surrendering the future. Never, ever will I allow such an assault on our cherished traditions,” said Mateo.

“We must always DEFEND FREEDOM and protect LIBERTY…this includes restoring the Columbus Day holiday in NYC Schools,” concluded Mateo.

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About Fernando Mateo:

Fernando Mateo, renowned entrepreneur, head spokesman for Hispanics Across America, NYS Federation of Taxi Drivers and United Bodegas of America, is the City’s first Hispanic Immigrant candidate for New York City Mayor. Mateo unveiled plans to breathe new life into the City’s failing business districts, is prepared to fix the broken taxi system, will restore parking for neighborhoods, and take bold action in “Backing the Blue” to make New York City safe again. For JOBS, SAFETY, and LIBERTY – Vote Mateo the Mayor!