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DeBlasio Must Go! Woman and Child Shot in Bloody Mother’s Day Weekend

DeBlasio Must Go! Woman and Child Shot in Bloody Mother’s Day Weekend

Republican Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo Says ENOUGH!

(New York - May 8, 2021) In reply to the news that two women and a 4-year-old child were shot in Times Square, Republican candidate for New York City Mayor Fernando Mateo said: “While we hope for the best outcome of the woman and child shot in Times Square, we must take action now to silence the illegal guns ravaging New York City,” said Mateo. “The unsafe situation is a product of the broken Bail Reform system that lets violent criminals roam the streets like wild animals. Our cops need back up from a Mayor Mateo administration that believes in them and will get hands on to solve the gun violence problem menacing New Yorkers and tourists,” said Mateo. “As Mayor, I will get rid of this 1993 climate where guns and drugs dominated Times Square. Innovative solutions like ‘Toys for Guns’ will be used again to silence illegal guns,” added Mateo. “I will make New York City safe by attacking crime, deploying thousands of cops to take back our streets, and urging both Judges and Prosecutors to keep criminals in jail where they belong,” he emphasized. “We must end the De Blasio era which brought back the crime wave of the late 1980’s,” said Mateo. “The Radical Left Democrats made New York City dangerous again! As Mayor, I will get these illegal guns off the street, repeal the failed bail reforms, and bring back mandatory 10 year sentencing for gun related crimes. It’s time get New York Strong!” Mateo concluded.

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